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Alicia Miller attended the University of Regina to pursue a degree in International Studies with a focus on International Affairs and convocated with Great Distinction in 2016 with some of the top grades of her faculty. During her studies, Alicia also worked three jobs, volunteered with several organizations, and took care of her grandfather. She centred her degree on taking classes that tackled social justice issues as well as many classes in political science. She has earned many scholarships throughout her educational career.

Alicia spent eight months interning at the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan where she was mentored by Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from both the government and the official opposition. During this internship, she met with MLAs, ministers, independent provincial officers, and other public servants to discuss provincial affairs. She travelled to Ottawa to meet with MPs, senators, and various national and international bodies. She travelled to London, Brussels, and Geneva to study the Westminster System, the European Parliament, and various United Nations bodies. The internship granted her a unique perspective on the inner workings of governing bodies as well as hands-on experience within the public service.

Alicia has spent a great deal of her time volunteering within her community. She has painted houses for low-income families, tutored classmates in various subjects, has been a volunteer Advocate with the Regina Sexual Assault Centre for many years, and was a volunteer before becoming a manager at the Ten Thousand Villages in Regina, a non-profit organization dedicated to fair trade, female empowerment, and economic sustainability. Her time at Ten Thousand Villages helped shape her morals and goals for her future.

Alicia is an avid environmentalist. The past few summers she has spent a lot of her time with Fruit for Thought, a local non-profit in Regina, promoting local food systems through coordinating harvests of fruit trees in the backyards of Regina citizens and donating that fruit to local organizations that feed vulnerable community members. She has set up a composting partnership with local community gardens to make use of the food waste from these harvests. She has also worked with the City of Regina in order to promote the Blue Bin Recycling Program in order to educate those in her community about the importance of recycling and composting as well as reducing waste as a whole.

She bikes wherever she can, enjoys eating as locally as possible, and has always preferred employment with small, locally-owned businesses and organizations. In her free time, she likes to be active. She enjoys kayaking, camping, hiking, yoga, and is a year-round cyclist. Alicia also loves to travel, spend time with her grandfather, keep up-to-date with current events, and hopes to one day become fluently bilingual in French which she has studied consistently throughout her education.

  • BA International Studies, Great Distinction, University of Regina

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