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Audra Mitchell received her PhD from the Queen’s University of Belfast, UK and her BAH from Queen’s University, Kingston. Prior to joining Laurier and the BSIA, Audra was a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in International Relations at the University of York (2010-15, UK) and a postdoctoral fellow at the University of St. Andrews (2009-10). You can find out more information about Audra’s work on her blog, ‘Worldly’ or by following her on Twitter (@AudraLMitchell).

Audra’s research seeks to transform global-ethical frameworks to better respond to large-scale, multi-dimensional harms. It draws on a range of disciplines, including global political ecology, international studies, Indigenous thought, geography, philosophy, anthropology and science and technology studies (STS).

Audra’s current projects address the following issues and themes:

Indigenous responses to global extinction: Audra is a founding member of an Indigenous/non-Indigenous research collective with partners working in Canada, the US, Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Madagascar and other places. The collective is engaged in re-thinking global extinction and attempts to govern it
from the basis of plural Indigenous cosmologies. It also aims to foster connections amongst Indigenous co-researchers to support their efforts to respond to and resist the drivers of global extinction.

(Bio)plurality: ethics and global extinction: Audra is working to re-frame understandings of extinction, ‘biodiversity’ and conservation to focus on the destruction of the irreducible plurality that fosters life on earth. This approach opens up new ways of articulating the ethical enormity of global extinction, and calls for transformations of mainstream approaches to extinction within global governance.

Global extinction and water: Audra is exploring the complex connections between global water futures and global extinction. This includes generating a better understanding of how these phenomena compound and complicate one another. It also involves widening understandings of extinction beyond standard biological definitions to include its affects on, and relations with, water. This project is linked to Indigenous Responses to Global Extinction and actively centers Indigenous knowledges.

New colonialisms: Audra is exploring the ethical implications of emerging forms and modalities of colonization, in particular the commercial exploration and potential settlement of outer space and the deep seas. This research aims to generate new ethical frameworks for decolonizing these projects.

For a complete list of publications, please see Audra’s academia.edu site.

Conflict and Security
Environment and Resources
Science & Health Policy
  • PhD, Queen’s University of Belfast, UK
  • BAH, Queen’s University, Kingston

Academic / Professional Awards

  • 2016. “Mass Extinction: Indigenous Visions” Residential Research Group Award, Independent Social Research Foundation ($20, 220)
  • 2014-15. “Posthuman Security” Early Career Fellowship from the Independent Social Research Foundation ($101, 000).
  • 2014. Visiting Fellowship, University of Queensland, Australia, Department of Political Science and International Studies.


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