The Director of the BSIA, Ann Fitz-Gerald, was officially appointed to the Canadian Board of Directors for the Ditchley Foundation on October 27, 2020. This appointment will further support BSIA’s collaboration with the Ditchley Foundation and, based on the wide global engagement of the Ditchley Foundation more generally, will also help support aspects of international projection of the BSIA’s research efforts.

The Ditchley Foundation seeks to:

• Build networks of people who share our determination to tackle today’s challenges.
• Enable better policy making for governments and politicians.
• Deepen journalists’ insight, so better informing the public and holding power to account.
• Help company leaders think through their impact and role in society.
• Support scientists and technology leaders in rooting new technologies in sound values.
• Develop emerging talent from all quarters and backgrounds to shape the future.
• Reconnect regions and capitals as well as building international links.

The Ditchley Foundation focuses on a range of challenging issues, including:

• Renewing political leadership and vision for the future, creating a new palette of modern options for both left and right, globalists and localists.
• Renewing the US and UK relationship, of which Ditchley is the “spiritual home”.
• Renewing the UK’s links with Europe after Brexit; and expanding globally.
• Engaging China on shared challenges in a constructive way.
• Making the most of technology and mitigating the risks.
• Renewing the role of business in society and in a sustainable global economy.
• Developing education to meet the challenges of rapid change.
• Sustaining our environment by supporting action on climate change and the UN’s SDG 2030 goals.

We look forward to continued collaboration with the Ditchley Foundation.