The Foundations in International Public Policy (FIPP) is a non-credit course offered online through the BSIA from August 4-28, 2020. The goal of this hands-on intensive program is to provide students and policy practitioners with the methods and concepts necessary for a basic understanding of international public policy development, execution and assessment.

The program reflects the BSIA’s approach to issues of global concern by examining international public policy from a transdisciplinary perspective. A thorough treatment of the principles and practices of policy formulation and assessment requires knitting together the perspectives of the political scientist, the economist, the human geographer, the historian, the philosopher, the empiricist and the theorist, as well as the field expert whose domain the policy intersects.

This course will be held online and will be led by Professor Emeritus, Wilfrid Laurier University, Dr. Terry Levesque, and Dr. Kira Williams. The case study materials examined during the three weeks will highlight cross-disciplinary perspectives and applied problem solving and critical international policy evaluation.

The cost to attend this session is $1,400 CAD.  Applications should be sent to Kelly Brown at [email protected] by July 6th, 2020.