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The Waterloo Political Economy Group (WatPEG) / Balsillie School Global Political Economy Research Cluster is pleased to announce the launch of a bibliography of political economy research on the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications. The bibliography is continuously updated and the live version can be found here.

A PDF of the sources in the bibliography (organized by topic) can be found on the WatPEG/GPE page of the website of the BSIA. We will refresh this list from time to time but it will not be as up-to-date as the Zotero group.

If you know of research on the political economy of COVID-19 (including your own!) that is not listed in the bibliography, please email a link to it to us at [email protected] and we will consider it for inclusion. Please note that our focus is on longer pieces (peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, reports for international organizations or NGOs or think tanks, etc.) and that we do not usually cover journalism, op-eds, or blog posts.

We would like to thank Mengyun Zhang, a PhD student at the University of Waterloo and the BSIA, for her work on the bibliography, and the BSIA for its financial and logistical support for this project.

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