The Graduate Fellows program with GAC is designed to provide students an opportunity to gain mentorship and guidance from senior scholars as they advance their own policy research and writing skills.

Under the program, clusters of three to four students are selected to participate in projects led by BSIA faculty that engage them in both independent and collective research and policy analysis. The program is divided into three phases. The first is the research phase, during which students develop a high degree of substantive expertise on the subject matter of the project. The second phase is the policy brief stage, when students co-author a briefing note that draws on their collective research from the first phase. The third phase is the presentation phase, which includes a day of oral briefings at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa. Students will be given an opportunity to present their briefing notes and the findings of their research to, and receive critical feedback from, policy experts with global experience. Following the presentation in Ottawa, students are invited to revise their briefing notes based on the feedback they received prior to submitting the notes for publication.

2021 Individual Policy Briefs

Alliances and Rivalries


Governing Technology

Unlikely Allies: Reaching Beyond Traditional Halls of Power for AI Global Governance
Aosan Farid, Ashley Mungai, Ben Skinner, Aaesha Shehzad, Stephie-Lea Tabujara
Mentors: Dr. Andrew Thompson and Hari Jnawali

Leading in the Digital Age: Promoting a Safe and Inclusive Digital World
Ernesto Smiley, Misha Goforth, Ujyara Farooq, Rebecca Cameron St-Pierre, Cindy Abreu
Mentors: Dr. Andrew Thompson and Abbas Imam

The New Frontier of Multilateralism: Canadian Policy for Outer Space Debris Removal
Kaleigh Campbell, Kyle Fritz, Spencer Page
Mentors: Dr. Patricia Greve and Seyed Ali Hosseini

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