Photo credit: Clay Banks/Unsplash

The Balsillie School is pleased to announce the creation of the Global Justice and Human Rights Research Cluster.

This cluster explores the study of the relationship between global governance, global justice, and human rights. The group brings together students, faculty, activists and practitioners to critically engage in research on such topics as decolonization, the state and global governance; anti-black and indigenous racism in governance theory and practice; the rights of people with disabilities; south-south relations and the ‘rewriting’ of ‘rights’; expert practices and global justice activism; human rights as discourse and relation; resistance, resilience, and humanitarianism response; redistributive justice, recognition and reconciliation. The Cluster will be led by BSIA Faculty members Jasmin Habib and Alison Mountz.

For more information about this Cluster, visit or email [email protected].

The BSIA’s research clusters support research activities in areas of the broader global governance and international policy domains. These areas include issues concerning conflict, peace, security, economic development, environment, resources, public health, technology and innovation, migration, food security and more. The concept of a research ‘cluster’ characterizes the way in which these research groups work across different domains – spanning social, life, physical, material and natural science – and come together in forms required to support specific research problems and future policy challenges.

Research clusters meet regularly to engage in critical intellectual debate and research collaboration. The Clusters also host events and guest presenters and provide support to policymakers. For more information about the School’s Clusters, visit