The BSIA is pleased to announce a new institutional partnership with the Canadian Ditchley Foundation. The Canadian Ditchley Foundation was formally established in 1981 as an affiliate to the Ditchley Foundation, in recognition of the mutual interests of Britain and Canada, and the strong representation that Canada has continued to provide at Ditchley conferences and research programs since 1964. The Ditchley Foundation works with people across the world to sustain peace, freedom and order. For more information on the purpose, mandate and program areas of the Ditchley Foundation see

BSIA and Ditchley will combine forces in the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year to deliver a distinguished panel series, entitled Critical Conversations. The Balsillie-Ditchley Critical Conversations will feature high-level global policy leaders and practitioners for a live-streamed panel discussion held at the start of each of the three academic terms.

The inaugural Balsillie-Ditchley Critical Conversations panel will be held at 11 am on September 23 and will be entitled “Creating Resilient Futures: Climate, COVID and The Economy”. More information on the inaugural panel’s exciting line-up of speakers will be shared in an upcoming Bulletin.