The BSIA is delighted to announce the official launch of the Balsillie Papers website at

Utilized by policymakers and knowledge mobilizers, the Balsillie Papers makes an impact by translating rigorous, inter-disciplinary research, into succinct prescriptions aiming to solve humanity’s most critical problems and improve lives around the world.
Bridging sophisticated research with practice in a compact and digestible form, the objective of the Balsillie Papers is to provide a window into the intricate workings of international politics today.

The Balsillie Papers covers the entire global arena known as ‘international affairs’, including, but not limited to, subjects of: conflict and security; environment and resources; global health; global political economy; migration, mobilities, and social politics; multilateral institutions; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and their intersection with global patterns of political resilience; human rights, equity, diversity, inclusion, and gender.

Open to qualitative and quantitative arguments from a variety of disciplines, the aim of the Balsillie Papers is ultimately to connect policymakers with research offering the empirical and intellectual tools needed to build, navigate, and strengthen, mechanisms of national and global governance.