Photo of Oliver Campbell

Oliver Campbell

Oliver Campbell is a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo with an honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. He has a specialization in International Relations and a minor in History and International Studies. During his time at the University of Waterloo Oliver focused on topics related to international relations, taking an interest …

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Photo of Chloe Currie

Chloé Currie

Chloé Currie graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Masters of Arts Honours in History in 2021. While gaining her undergraduate degree, Chloé developed an interest in race relations as well as global justice and human rights. Her undergraduate dissertation critiqued the United States Supreme Court with regards to public school desegregation in the …

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Photo of Rena Harrison

Rena Harrison

Rena Harrison received a Bachelor of Arts [Honors], with a double major in Political Science and Sociology. During her undergraduate degree, she completed a field school where she traveled to the Netherlands. Here she was inspired to pursue international affairs from such experiences as visiting the Peace Palace and International criminal court.

Photo of Ruth Farkas

Ruth Farkas

Ruth Farkas received her BA in Political Science and Business at the University of Waterloo in 2019; then completed two semesters of a Masters in Atlantic Studies of History, Culture, and Society at the Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany. Her interest in global governance and public policy was sparked during a co-op placement in Manila …

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Chelsea Sidloski

Chelsea Sidloski

Chelsea Sidloski graduated from York University in 2020 with an Honours degree in International Development. Her main research focused on sustainable development approaches and human security issues such as identity-based conflicts, decolonizing policies, and youth empowerment within Sub-Saharan African regions. While pursuing her Honours degree, Chelsea spent the majority of her time working in community …

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Benjamin Khan

Benjamin Khan

Benjamin Khan graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) in Justice Studies from the University of Guelph, and a Diploma in Community and Justice Services from Humber College. His undergraduate program gave Benjamin a broad perspective of Canadian Law and its many different components, and helped introduce him into the field of …

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Photo of Shalin Nayak

Shalin Nayak

Shalin Nayak graduated from McMaster University in 2017 with an Honours degree in Physics. His thesis research involved implementing sorting and classification algorithms on large datasets from space telescopes to search for signatures of supermassive black holes. Upon graduation, he went on to work for the Ontario nuclear energy sector as a technical consultant for …

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Photo of Anthony Samuels

Anthony Samuels

Anthony Samuels recently graduated from the University of Toronto receiving an Honours Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Political Science and History. During his studies, Anthony has written research papers on global affairs topics such as the militarization of space, as well as historical analysis papers on the application of just war theory …

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Photo of Suha Osman

Suha Osman

Suha Osman is a recent graduate from the University of Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Studies and Political Science. As someone who has spent their formative years between Canada and Sudan, Suha has grown up aware of the difficult and rewarding experiences of life in both nations as a global citizen …

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Photo of Aleyna Aygor

Aleyna Aygor

Aleyna Aygor is a graduate student in the International Public Policy program at the Balsillie School of International Affairs. Prior to her acceptance into the program, she graduated from the University of Guelph with an Honours degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy. Due to her growing interest in human behaviour and psyche, she also …

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