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Photo of Elizabeth Opiyo Onyango

Elizabeth Onyango

Dr. Elizabeth Onyango is currently a SSHRC Research Fellow at the Balsillie School of International Affairs and Wilfrid Laurier University working in the MiFood research project. Her research work focuses on examining the different drivers, dimensions, and vulnerabilities of internal and international migrant to food insecurity in the global south. In her recent role as …

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Photo of Sujata Ramachandran

Sujata Ramachandran

Dr. Sujata Ramachandran is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, involved with the SSHRC-funded MiFOOD Project  and Southern African Migration Programme (SAMP). Trained as a human geographer, she has extensive experience researching migration in Canada, Southern Africa and South Asia. Sujata has worked as a researcher for many years with SAMP and participated in various projects on …

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Photo of Colin Chia

Colin Chia

Colin Chia is a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow in the University of Waterloo Department of Political Science. His research focuses on the contestation and politics of global governance and international orders, particularly over the issues of state sovereignty, international trade, and economic development. His dissertation project, “Setting the World Stage: Social Positioning and International Order Contestation”, …

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Shannon Nash

Shannon Nash

Dr. Shannon Nash is the Postdoctoral Network Manager of the North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network (NAADSN)/Réseau sur la defense et la sécurité nord-américaines et arctiques (RDSNAA). This collaborative network provides timely, relevant, and reliable expert advice on North American and Arctic defence and security topics. In addition to supporting the Network Leads …

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