BSIA PhD candidate co-launches non-profit organization “Women of the Arctic”

The BSIA is pleased to announce that PhD student and Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar Tahnee Prior and a colleague from the University of Lapland recently launched a non-profit organization called “Women of the Arctic“. The idea was borne out of their realization that initiatives focusing on Arctic women – despite women’s critical role in their communities, their societal and political engagement, and their high levels of expertise and credentials – were almost non-existent. The organization aims to raise awareness, support, and maintain a focus on women’s and gender-related issues in the Arctic.

Today, the organization launched a series of interviews that share the perspectives of eleven women who live in, work on, and engage with the Arctic. Watch the videos here.

We are also pleased that Olivia Matthews, a MIPP alumnus, was the Research Assistant during the interview process.

Congratulations Tahnee on this excellent accomplishment!

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