The Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA) is an institute for advanced research, education and outreach on global governance. The School is requesting expressions of interest from BSIA associated faculty interested in assuming the role of Interim Director, commencing on September 1, 2018, until such time as a new Director is appointed (for a period not expected to exceed two years).

Founded in 2007, the BSIA is an equal collaboration among the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), the University of Waterloo (UW) and Wilfrid Laurier University (Laurier). The two universities employ BSIA faculty and offer academic programs. CIGI, as a think tank, uses its in-house expertise and its global network of practitioners to inform and guide BSIA’s outreach and collaborative research.

To facilitate collaboration between CIGI, UW and Laurier, the BSIA is separately incorporated. A Board of Directors oversees the management of the BSIA and has final budgetary and operational authority. The Interim Director reports to the Board, which is comprised of equal representation from the partner institutions. The Interim Director will provide leadership and operational direction to the BSIA and will work closely with faculty and BSIA staff to further execute a shared vision that promotes BSIA programs and activities. This will include:

1. Continue to Build the School’s Profile

The Interim Director will further position the BSIA as the go-to place for scholars, graduate students, policy makers, practitioners and global leaders who are keenly interested in solving global and regional problems. With this as a key goal, the Interim Director will set the tone of excellence in all BSIA’s activities, including but not limited to its collaborative research, external and stakeholder relations, events planning, etc. The Interim Director will be a key spokesperson and representative and will provide oversight to the School’s marketing and communications strategies. This will require developing the School’s internal communications capacity and supporting a comprehensive effort aimed at strengthening the BSIA’s reputation and informing the domestic and international media and a broad global community of students and scholars of the School’s innovative academic programs.

2. Improve the School’s Administrative Capacity

The Interim Director will set clear direction, oversee budgets, create a culture of accountability, provide regular reporting to the Board and Council and apply best practices in administration to support the efforts of staff, faculty and students. The Interim Director will have oversight of day-to-day operations and ensure the BSIA meets certain internal and external goals as set by the Board and recommended by the Council. The Interim Director will also be involved with and guide many BSIA projects and activities (conferences, events, outreach, in-house research collaborations, communications, liaise with the chairs of the Research Clusters and the Research Committee, etc.).

3. Further Develop Key Partnerships and Collaborations

The Interim Director will help to build relationships with local, domestic and international partners and stakeholders. With the goal of ensuring its collaborating partners continue to benefit strategically from the School, the Interim Director will identify and support activities of mutual interest to UW, Laurier and CIGI that advance and augment the BSIA’s strategic mandates.

4. Identify and Secure New Revenue Streams

The Interim Director will ensure accountability and the efficient management of financial resources to ensure that the BSIA remains sustainable in delivering its programs and activities. To this end, the Interim Director will begin implementation of the BSIA’s Strategic Plan and promote innovative ways to leverage current resources and secure new funding. When called upon, the Interim Director will participate in specific fundraising and advancement activities that would benefit from the Interim Director’s direct involvement.

Candidate Profile

The essence of the role is leadership, both internal, as it relates to staff and faculty, and external, as it relates to partners and international affairs scholars and practitioners. The ideal Interim Director is:

  • Currently a BSIA affiliated faculty member who holds an academic appointment through either UW or Laurier.
  • A skilled administrator with the organizational sensitivity, judgment, and experience (financial, human resources, systems, etc.) to deliver on its mandate and strategic plan.
  • A respected scholar with the academic credibility and international reputation, as well as the stature, to promote and encourage collaborative research, rigorous debate and a healthy tension between the advancement of applied knowledge and scholarly knowledge.
  • An enthusiastic representative and spokesperson for the BSIA who will be visible, present and advocate passionately for ongoing investments and innovation in the BSIA’s interdisciplinary research and teaching.
  • An effective bridge builder with exceptional diplomacy and negotiation skills and the integrity, nimbleness, and deft touch to help foster a collective purpose and a harmonious and seamless flow of people and ideas between Laurier, UW and CIGI.
  • An engaging communicator with highly developed listening, consultative, presentation and social skills, who can effectively represent the BSIA with a range of internal and external audiences.
  • A strategic and inspiring leader who will continue to deliver a compelling and bold vision for the BSIA and engender enthusiastic support among staff, stakeholders and partners.
  • A self-aware and trusted leader who will bring life and energy to the BSIA by creating a culture of community, and fostering respect, transparency and collaboration among staff, faculty, students and partners.

Formal Application

A formal expression of interest/application will include a lifetime curriculum vitae as well as a 2-3 page letter outlining your relevant experience and personal vision for this interim role by February 12, 2018. Please direct any inquires or formal expressions of interest to the attention of:

Ms. Tiffany Bradley
Administrative Manager
Balsillie School of International Affairs
67 Erb Street West
Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 6C2
[email protected]