Camelia Touzany

Camelia Touzany is a graduate of the University of Ottawa’s Bachelor of Science program, with a specialization in Human Kinetics and a minor in Management.
Born in Morocco and raised in Canada, Camelia has always been interested in how our world functions, and is driven to improve the quality of lives. Her particular interest in health led her to gaining extensive research experience in the effects of public policies on chronic diseases and the aging population, as well as the adoption of innovations in health systems (e.g. health technologies, disease control programs, and primary healthcare reforms).

Most recently, Camelia worked at the Department of Public Safety Canada, which enhanced her understanding of public policy programs and the processes involved in their implementation. Camelia also has extensive experience working in consulting, project management, administration, and sales, both in the public and private sectors.

She is very much looking forward to expanding her interests and developing a strong theoretical basis of policy analysis and the challenges faced in an international context.

Academic / Professional Awards

  • Laurier Graduate Fellowship, 2019-2020
Science and Health Policy

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