Cameron McCordic is an interdisciplinary researcher investigating the determinants and impacts of social vulnerability. The majority of his research has centered on urban food security, food systems and, more recently, on issues of food safety. His recent work on food has focused on modeling the impact of infrastructure access on household vulnerability to food insecurity.

In addition to his focus on food research, Cameron has also investigated social stigmatization and the impacts of xenophobia. His research under this topic has included social stigmatization during the Rwandan Genocide and the experiences of refugee entrepreneurs in South Africa.

While at BSIA, Cameron has been attached to the 2030+ research group through his work as the data manager for the Hungry Cities Partnership. He has also worked with the Consuming Urban Poverty Project and a UNHCR-funded investigation into refugee entrepreneurship. Over the course of his research, he has had the privilege of working with research partners in Jamaica, Mexico, Ghana, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, India and China.


Academic/Professional Awards

  • President’s Graduate Scholarship, University of Waterloo (2012-2013)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, University of Waterloo (2012-2013)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, University of Guelph (2011-2012)

Select Publications

  • Frayne, B., Crush, J., & McCordic, C. (Eds.) (In Press). “Food and nutrition security in Southern African cities”. London: Routledge and Earthscan.
  • McCordic, C., Crush, J., & Frayne, B. (In Press). “Urban shocks: The relationship between food prices and food security in Lesotho”. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition.
  • Si, Z., Scott, S., & McCordic, C. (In Press). “Wet markets, supermarkets and alternative food sources in urban China: An empirical study in Nanjing”. Canadian Journal of Development Studies.
  • McCordic, C. (In Press). “Compounding vulnerability: A model of urban household food security” (HCP Discussion Paper No. 13). Waterloo: Hungry Cities Partnership.
  • Crush, J., & McCordic, C. 2017. “The Hungry Cities Food Purchases Matrix: Household food sourcing and food system interaction”. Urban Forum, 28. (4), 421-433.
  • Crush, J., & McCordic, C. 2017. “Comparing refugee and South African migrant enterprise in the urban informal sector”. African Human Mobility Review, 3. (2), 820-853.
  • Crush, J., Tawodzera, G., McCordic, C., Ramachandran, S., & Tengeh, R. 2017. “Refugee entrepreneurial economies in urban South Africa”. African Human Mobility Review, 3. (2), 783-819.
  • Crush, J., Frayne, B., & McCordic, C. 2017. “Urban agriculture and urban food insecurity in Maseru, Lesotho”. Journal of Food Security, 5. (2), 33-42.
  • McCordic, C., & Frayne, B. 2017. “Household vulnerability to food price increases: the 2008 crisis in urban Southern Africa”. Geographical Research, 55. (2), 166-179.
  • Frayne, B., & McCordic, C. 2015. “Planning for food secure cities: Measuring the influence of infrastructure and income on household food security in Southern African cities”. Geoforum, 65. 1–11.
  • Frayne, B., McCordic, C., & Shilomboleni., H. 2014. “Growing out of poverty: Does urban agriculture contribute to household food security in Southern African cities?” Urban Forum 25. (2), 177–189.
  • Lauzon, A., & McCordic, C.R. 2013. “Contributions of physician recruitment to regional economic development”. Municipal World 26. 17–18.
  • McCordic, C.R. 2012. “The implications of stigma for institutionalized violence”. Stigma Research and Action 2. (2), 70–74.

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