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Casey Sahadath is a PhD student and Doctoral Fellow in the Global Governance program at the Balsillie School of International Affairs. Casey’s research interests are in illicit financial flows. Specifically, he works on the consequences of illicit financial flows as they pertain to domestic and global development initiatives, as well as the implications illicit financial flows have on global security. Casey’s previous projects have focused on developing new anti-illicit financial flows policies for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. As a special contributor to the Centre for Development and Human Rights (New Delhi) he was worked on evaluating anti-illicit finance policies currently being developed and implemented by the Modi government in India.

Academic / Professional Awards

  • Balsillie Doctoral Fellowship, 2016
  • Ryerson graduate study scholarship, 2013-2014


  • 2013. Sahadath, Casey. “Exploring Mercenaries: The complex legalities of hired non-state actors in war”. e-International Relations.
  • Sahadath, Casey. 2015. “India’s Missing Trillions: Evaluating Narendra Modi’s new ‘black money’ strategy”. Centre for Development and Human Rights.
  • Sahadath, Casey. 2015. “Curbing illicit financial flows from Africa: are existing initiatives achieving enough?”. Centre for Development and Human Rights.
  • Sahadath, Casey. 2014. “Illicit Financial Flows from Africa”. Centre for Development and Human Rights.
  • Sahadath, Casey. 2014. “Illicit Financial Flows and Capital Flight in Africa”. e-International Relations.
  • Sahadath, Casey. 2013. “Is Intervention a Useful Tool to Stop Humanitarian Crises?”. e-International Relations.
  • Master of Arts in Global Diplomacy, SOAS, University of London, 2016
  • Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration, Ryerson University, 2014
  • Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Governance, Ryerson University, 2013

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