Adnan Ali

2020-12-04T18:30:18-05:00MAGG Students|

Adnan Ali recently graduated from the University of Waterloo with a 4-year Honours Political Science degree and a global governance specialization. […]

Emaan Ali

2020-12-04T18:31:01-05:00MAGG Students|

Emaan Ali’s research interests lie in the field of international development policy. More specifically, she is curious about the impact of multilateral development policies on the lives of girls and women in the Global South.

Kaleigh Alyssa Campbell

2020-12-04T18:37:45-05:00MAGG Students|

Kaleigh Alyssa Campbell's research interests surround the political-economic arrangements that relate to the international trade of artworks and the development of national policies regarding the trade of cultural goods.

Kestrel DeMarco

2020-12-04T18:40:11-05:00MAGG Students|

Kestrel is deeply interested in the responsiveness and adaptability of different economic systems during times of crisis, and in examining capitalism’s ability (or inability) to be “sustainable” and equitable.

Chris Earle

2020-12-04T18:41:51-05:00MAGG Students|

Chris Earle's broader research interests are in anti-corruption, human security and the global arms trade; while his technical interests are in big data, machine learning, and econometrics.

Brittany Ennis

2020-12-04T18:44:37-05:00MAGG Students|

Brittany’s experiences have sparked her research interests, which are concerned with security, human rights and race politics. In particular, Brittany is interested in the ways in which technology is constructed to favour certain races over others.

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