Araba Maanan Blankson

2020-12-04T17:37:21-05:00MIPP Students|

Araba Maanan Blankson is interested in public policy and international development, particularly, activities and policy processes geared towards reducing poverty and deprivation and creating economic opportunities.

Keely L. Chambers

2020-12-04T17:37:52-05:00MIPP Students|

Keely Chambers' Keely is interested in sustainable energy development and assisting federal relations with indigenous communities during this energy transition.

Lena Gahwi

2020-12-04T17:38:52-05:00MIPP Students|

Lena Gahwi's research interests center around state security and the embodied migrant experience and are informed by critical-feminist theory.

Varkpeh Gonowolo

2020-12-04T18:03:32-05:00MIPP Students|

Varkpeh Gonowolo is studying the areas of international development, international business, conflict, global political economy and multilateral institutions.

Joanna Hausen

2020-12-04T18:04:39-05:00MIPP Students|

Joanna Hausen is exploring the intersections of international public policy with environmental justice, social innovation and local economic development.

Patricia Masur

2020-12-04T18:07:06-05:00MIPP Students|

Patricia Masur hopes is examining Canada’s role and responsibility to multi-lateral institutions and vulnerable groups, abroad and at home.

Elaha Musakheel

2020-12-04T18:10:10-05:00MIPP Students|

Elaha Musakheel is interested in human security and the intersection of policy development that can be used as a tool to amplify the voices of disadvantageous groups.

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