Ahmet Barbak

2017-10-11T13:16:19-04:00Postdoctoral Fellows|

Dr. Barbak specializes in theory of public administration, public sector reform, the security-development nexus, security governance, security sector reform, and democratic control of armed forces. His current research project investigates the relationship between security sector reform and the rule of law promotion at a national level.

Zhenzhong Si

2020-12-04T19:09:54-05:00Postdoctoral Fellows|

Dr. Si is a human geographer with broad research interests in sustainable food systems, alternative food networks, food security, food safety and rural development initiatives. He currently works with the Hungry Cities Partnership on food in Nanjing.

Graeme Young

2018-12-20T11:30:07-05:00Postdoctoral Fellows|

Graeme Young is a postdoctoral fellow at the Balsillie School and a Visiting Researcher at the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town, where he is serving as a Queen Elizabeth Scholar as part of the Hungry Cities Partnership.

Shannon Nash

2020-12-04T19:08:57-05:00Postdoctoral Fellows|

Dr. Nash is a post-doctoral research fellow at Trent University with NAADSN/RDSNAA and she has ongoing projects at the University of Waterloo examining education and training in national security and counter-terrorism in Canada and how the ‘terrorism’ label is informed and applied to a violent attack in Canada.

Rafael Harun

2021-03-23T12:29:55-04:00Postdoctoral Fellows|

Dr. Harun is analyzing the ethnic and geographic compositions of immigrant nurses, the mismatch between their supply and demand in the Canadian labour market, and the experiences of immigrant nurses with integrating into the healthcare workforce.

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