Idowu Ajibade

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Ajibade is an environmental and development geographer who has a strong passion for interdisciplinary research on climate change, urban resilience, disaster risk reduction, gender and human rights. Her current research explores the ethical conundrums and opportunities for building resilience among low-income urban residents in Africa and south-east Asia.

Derek Armitage

Associate Professor
Researching environmental change and multi-level governance systems, Dr. Armitage specializes in the human dimensions of environmental change.

Danielle Ayora

Danielle’s interests include the international political economy, trade and development, emerging economies, human security and the global environment.

Terry V. D’Andrea

Terry is examining the issues between the USA and PRC surrounding the USA’s “freedom of navigation operations” in the South China Sea.

Morgan Davies

Morgan’s research interests include conflict and security - particularly in the Asia-Pacific - and more broadly, the contribution of global and regional order structures to security.

Lucie Edwards

Lucie Edwards explores scientists' role in policymaking, notably in climate change, food security and biodiversity.

Emma Fingler

Emma’s research interests surround post-disaster management of corrupt and developing states.

Marina Ghosh

Marina’s work addresses international development, poverty alleviation, and migration, as well as ‘irrationalities’ in individual decision-making and their policy implications.

Derek Hall

Associate Professor
A political economy expert, Dr. Hall researches property in Asia, environmental certification in global aquaculture, and food governance in Japan.

Kyle Harris

Kyle is the Campaign Officer for CIVICUS, an international organization dedicated to strengthening and protecting citizen action and civil society worldwide.