Global Political Economy

Anne Marie Arko

Annie's research is focused on international organizations, global health, environmental governance, climate change, and the entangled nature of these topics.

Danielle Ayora

Danielle’s interests include the international political economy, trade and development, emerging economies, human security and the global environment.

Skylar Brooks

Skylar’s research interests coalesce around the global politics of money and finance, with particular focus on the international monetary system and sovereign debt governance.

Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn

Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Campbell-Verduyn is a political scientist broadly interested in international political economy and private forms of authority, whose regional focus is Europe. His current research examines the roles of emergent technologies in global financial governance.

Colin Chau

Colin Chau is the Research/Analysis Officer at the International Relations Directorate at Transport Canada.

Andrew F. Cooper

An expert on foreign policy and diplomacy, Dr. Cooper's recent work has focused on emerging powers, G8 reform, Latin America and celebrity diplomacy.

Terry V. D’Andrea

Terry is examining the issues between the USA and PRC surrounding the USA’s “freedom of navigation operations” in the South China Sea.

Simon Dalby

Associate Director of the PhD Program in Global Governance, CIGI Chair in the Political Economy of Climate Change, Professor
Dr. Dalby is an author and researcher of climate change, political ecology, geopolitics, global security, militarization and the spatial dimensions of governance.

Martin S. Edwards

Visiting Fulbright Fellow (September to December 2013)
Dr. Edwards, an internationally acclaimed expert on evaluating the International Monetary Fund, was a Fulbright Research Chair in Global Governance at the Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA) and Visiting Fulbright Scholar at CIGI.

Crystal Ennis

Crystal is assistant professor, economies of the Modern Middle East at Leiden Institute for Area Studies (LIAS) at Leiden University.