Zainab Abu Alrob

Zainab’s research focuses on the role that security policies, created by regional conflicts, play in the creation of migration flows.

Maissaa Almustafa

Maissaa’s research will focus on examining protection gaps for refugees created by clashes between already established frameworks of global migration governance and national policies and practices of immigration and border control.

Ousmane Aly Diallo

Ousmane’s research will explore the role of identity and legitimacy in the collaboration between the United Nations and Regional Economic Communities in peacekeeping/peacebuilding operations.

Carla Angulo-Pasel

Carla Angulo-Pasel examines the effects of border security and the securitization of migration on ‘irregular’ women migrants.

Anne Marie Arko

Annie's research is focused on international organizations, global health, environmental governance, climate change, and the entangled nature of these topics.

Priyanka Bahl

Priyanka is interested in international security and foreign policy, particularly the challenges associated with global conflict, intelligence and cyber security.

Suhani Bhushan

Suhani is the Programme Officer - Sustainable Development for CIVICUS. She is responsible for project delivery of key sustainable development projects at CIVICUS, including the Leave No One Behind initiative and the Action for Sustainable Development platform.

Colin Chau

Colin Chau is the Research/Analysis Officer at the International Relations Directorate at Transport Canada.

Jonathan Crush

CIGI Chair in Global Migration and Development, Professor
An expert on human security, Dr. Crush is a major contributor to global debates on the need for development-friendly governance of migrant movements.

Ahmed Elmi

Ahmed's interests are policy advise and analysis, research in socio-political issues, international development, humanitarianism, and program management.