Danielle Wood

Danielle Wood holds an Honours B.A. degree from King’s University College at Western University. She completed a double major in French and Political Science, as well as a distinction as a King’s Scholar in Western Thought and Civilization. In addition to her undergraduate education, Danielle is a fully bilingual and proud Franco-Ontarian.

Her research interests include international relations and policy, foreign aid and sustainable development. Danielle has had the privilege of studying and conducting research abroad. In her third year, she had the opportunity to study in Lille, France, which allowed her to further her knowledge of French politics, the history of European treaties and international relations, and the development of European institutions. In addition, participating as a delegate in the Change the World Model United Nations, held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and being a member of the London North Centre Youth Council as part of the Canada’s Role in the World committee have also been enlightening experiences, and have left an impact on her and her research. Danielle’s international learning experiences have broadened her understanding of global issues and have solidified her interest in global governance and sustainable development.

Interest in a country’s development was furthered when Danielle began conducting research on Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP). She had the opportunity to compare past foreign aid policies to FIAP on an experiential learning trip to Ghana, Africa, while comparing the effect Canada’s foreign aid policies have had on that country. Danielle hopes to produce literature on the effects of FIAP in the Middle East. Her research seeks to explore the extent to which Canadian development assistance will ensure inclusive and equitable quality education as well as increase women’s chances of being elected into positions of power in the Middle East.

Before starting the MAGG program, Danielle worked during the summer in the methodology department at the Office of the Auditor General where she assisted her team in updating the Office’s practices and in incorporating the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals into their methodology.

Danielle is excited about the MAGG program and is certain the program will prepare her for a career in the foreign service focusing on international development.

Academic / Professional Awards

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSRCH) Award, 2019
  • Global Governance Fellowship, 2019
  • Dean’s Honour List, King’s University College, 2015-2019
  • Regan, Emmett and Loretta Memorial Entrance Award, 2015
  • Bachelor of Arts, Honours Double Major in French and Political Science with distinction in Western Thought and Civilisation (King’s Scholar), King’s University College at Western University, 2019
Migration, Mobilities, and Social Politics
Multilateral Institutions

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