Degree Programs

Are you interested in a graduate program that:

  • addresses the most pressing global problems?
  • goes beyond traditional academic programs by applying a mulitdisciplinary perspective?
  • offers the possibility to work with public policy practitioners at Canada's leading think-tank on international affairs?
  • develops policy papers that feed into the Canadian Foreign Policy decision-making process?
  • provides internship opportunities with the United Nations system, governments and civil society groups?
  • has options for studying abroad?
  • offers small class sizes so you can work closely with leading international researchers?

The Balsillie School of International Affairs offers four world-class academic programs through Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, advancing ambitious, new approaches to global governance and international public policy. The BSIA campus brings together scholars, students, and policy makers in a unique, collaborative format to identify meaningful solutions to humanity’s most critical problems.

With over 60 affiliated teaching faculty, drawn from political science, economics, history, sociology, business, geography and environment studies, the School provides students with a truly interdisciplinary environment that fosters comprehensive global learning.

A unique feature of the Balsillie School of International Affairs’ experience, the CIGI Graduate Fellowship Program is a professional development program in which students in the MIPP and MAGG gain mentorship and guidance from senior scholars and policy practitioners as they advance their own research and writing skills. CIGI Graduate Fellows receive up to $15,000 over three terms, and are normally asked to conduct research for a CIGI or BSIA project and co-author a policy brief, which they present to senior policy makers at an end-of-year symposium. Briefs that are deemed to be of high quality are normally published as part of the CIGI Graduate Fellow Policy Brief Series

Are you ready to shape the future of global governance? Learn more about what the School has to offer and APPLY to join the BSIA network for an upcoming term.

Ph.D. in Global Governance

A unique opportunity for interdisciplinary examination of global power and authority, the Ph.D. in Global Governance is a joint program offered through Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo. It challenges students to critique the concepts, tools and assumptions that have served scholars in the past and assess new approaches to contemporary and future global problems. The Ph.D. in Global Governance requires the completion of 6 courses and the following program milestones: two comprehensive examinations, research seminars, dissertation proposal and defence, and dissertation and defence. The expected time to completion is four years. Students are eligible to receive Ph.D.-level fellowships valued at $25,000, as well as additional university-based scholarships and funding.

Master of International Public Policy (MIPP)

The MIPP is a three semester one year intensive professionalization degree program offered by Wilfrid Laurier University aimed at enhancing your analytical, writing and presentation skills in the area of international public policy.  Our courses focus on current issues using a combination of coaching, action, classroom and blended learning approaches with continuous practice aimed at increasing your effectiveness in policy development and advocacy. Classes will be taken at our award winning campus, in small groups with unprecedented access to our internationally recognized faculty. Our diverse faculty are leaders in their respective areas, and are committed to interdisciplinary teaching and research aimed at generating policy solutions to the most pressing global issues, including global health and science policy, food security, climate and environmental change, global financial and trade systems, and humanitarian and social policy challenges.   Our students have access to ASPIRE, an award winning professional skills development training program for graduate students. You will also have the potential to directly influence international policy debates through our unique partnership with CIGI, an international think tank focused on international governance. 

MBA/MIPP double degree

The first of its kind in Canada, this new program combines the strengths of the Lazaridis Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with the multidisciplinary Master of International Public Policy (MIPP) program, providing students with the opportunity to acquire critical knowledge from both the business and international public policy domains. With this combined knowledge and dual perspective, students will be prepared to tackle complex global issues and to pursue careers in such fields as global policy development and implementation, business-government relations, and international trade and investment services.

Master of Arts in Global Governance (MAGG)

An interdisciplinary program through the University of Waterloo, students in the Master of Arts in Global Governance examine the social, cultural, and political processes and relations involved in the management of global society that affect billions of ordinary lives around the world. Designed to be completed in sixteen months, the program typically consists of two terms of course work; a third term in which students complete a Major Research Paper (MRP) on a specific research topic of their choosing relating to the study of global governance; followed by a fourth term as an intern working on global governance issues in the public or private sector, a research institute or NGO. Students typically receive a CIGI Graduate Fellowship valued at $15,000, as well as additional university-based scholarships and funding. A new feature that was added in 2015, the UW-University of Warwick Double Degree program offers students the opportunity to combine the MAGG with their choice of one of eleven Masters programs offered by one of the UK’s top-rated Departments of Politics and International Studies.