Students who participate in the UW MAGG-Warwick PAIS get the best that both programs have to offer and receive two degrees, each from prestigious and internationally recognized institutions. Students choose between two routes, beginning their studies at either institution first, and attending the other institution second.

For specific questions about the MAGG program, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions page.

The primary objective of the MAGG-PAIS double degree is to offer an exceptional educational experience that allows students access to world-class programs and faculty at both institutions. The double degree program allows students to combine the interdisciplinary and experiential approach to the study of Global Governance with ten complementary degree programs in subjects such as International RelationsInternational SecurityInternational Political EconomyInternational Politics and East AsiaInternational Politics and EuropeInternational Development, or US Foreign Policy.

The admission requirements for the MAGG-PAIS double degree are exactly the same as the admissions requirements for the MAGG. Applicants from Warwick must pay the non-refundable application fee of $125 CAD per program.

The application requirements are exactly the same for the MAGG-PAIS double degree as they are for the MAGG. Simply indicate in your statement of intent form whether you would like to be considered for the double degree program.

Students who are admitted to the MAGG have the option of converting to the double degree program at any point during the MAGG.

Students complete the degree requirements for MAGG and the PAIS, but only write one MRP/thesis (15,000 words), which is supervised jointly by faculty at the University of Waterloo and University of Warwick.

Yes. Students who participate in the double degree program are still required to complete an internship when they are enrolled in the MAGG.

Students typically pay the appropriate domestic or international fees to the institution in which they are resident. Tuition rates vary at UW and Warwick from year to year. For information about tuition rates at UW, please consult the Finance Student Accounts website. For information about tuition rates at Warwick, please consult the Postgraduate Fees and Funding website.

Students who spend their first year at Warwick are eligible to receive funding while attending the University of Waterloo through the Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA). For a list of internal and external awards, consult the Scholarships page of the BSIA website.

Students who spend their first year at UW/BSIA are eligible to receive a Double Degree Scholarship while attending the University of Warwick in their second year.

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