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This two-year, full-time program is geared for individuals wanting to bridge the divide between public and private sectors. Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of International Public Policy (MIPP) will equip graduates to lead change and facilitate global development.

Completed over 26 months, this new double-degree program combines the 40-year history of the Lazaridis MBA with the innovative MIPP program at the Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA). The MBA-MIPP program develops skills critical to taking on the pressing issues facing global employers and governments. Graduates will be prepared to engage in cross-sector and multi-stakeholder partnerships working to solve complex contemporary problems impacting businesses and societies.

This intensive program begins in July with the Foundation in Global Public Policy (FGPP) course. This six-week course, taken at the BSIA, counts for two credits. Thereafter, you will join the regular stream full-time MBA students for the program’s hallmark Integrated Core courses at Laurier’s Waterloo campus. You will then split the remainder of your time and courses at both the BSIA and the Laurier campuses, with a paid four-month workplace experience in your second year.

Admission into the MBA/MIPP program starting July 2020 is now open.
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MBA / Master of International Public Policy

Develop a Career as a Tri-Sector Leader

Wilfrid Laurier University offers an inter- and multi- disciplinary double degree in Master of Business Administration and Master of International Public Policy (MBA/MIPP). The two-year program provides graduate training for individuals looking to pursue or enhance careers as a tri-sector leader able to engage and collaborate across all three sectors of business, government and non-profit work, to solve large-scale problems that are intractable without successful multi-sectoral cooperation.

MBA/MIPP students complete six academic terms that include five terms of intensive course work, each of which builds a specific knowledge base, and a four-month paid work placement. The first summer term emphasizes foundational knowledge in public sector economics, policy analysis and research tools (statistics), and also in international relations and globalization. This foundation is applied during the following three terms (fall, winter, spring) in both the MBA and MIPP programs of study. The fifth term is a paid placement in the workplace before returning to course work for MBA or MIPP electives and a capstone interdisciplinary seminar.

Students will explore pressing global issues facing government, NGO and private sector organizations, and they will do so from multiple disciplinary and sector perspectives. They will develop analytic research skills focused on framing and assessing such problems, implementation skills needed for complex multi- stakeholder environments, and the interpersonal and leadership skills critical to their professional effectiveness. Graduates will be uniquely well prepared to understand and navigate within and across government, NGO and private sector contexts in order to make a positive difference due to their capacity to tackle the complex challenges that society, business and government face.

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