Partnerships that put the “International” in International Affairs

We believe that a school of international affairs should be international in everything that it does. This includes offering students dynamic international academic and experiential learning opportunities through our various partnerships that connect BSIA to the wider world.

Global Affairs Canada

Through its partnership with the Foreign Policy Bureau of Global Affairs Canada (GAC), all BSIA students can contribute to the foresight and research activities of the department by identifying new and emerging trends that could significantly impact the world in five- to ten-years’ time. Students develop recommendations to adapt Canadian foreign policy to the changing and evolving nature of the global operating environment in the 21st century through the preparation of policy briefs that are presented to the department and published as an anthology.

This year’s anthology is entitled “Pandemic”, and can be accessed on this page. To access the individual policy briefs and previous years’ reports, please click here.

Academic Partners

Students in the University of Waterloo’s MAGG program can participate in the Global Governance/Politics and International Studies double degree program (established in 2015) — with the University of Warwick in the UK, or the pathways program with the American University in Washington, DC. MAGG students can also spend a term abroad with one of our two exchange partners: the International Conflict Administration and Management program at the University of Konstanz in Germany (established in 2014), or the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland in Australia (established in 2016).

Civil Society Partners

Students have the opportunity to intern with leading international non-governmental organizations such as CIVICUS: The World Alliance for Citizen Participation in South Africa (MAGG), think tanks such as Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies in Germany (MAGG and PhD) and Global Arena Institute (MAGG, MIPP, PhD), and various United Nations agencies based around the world through the School’s partnership with the United Nations Association in Canada (MAGG, MIPP, and PhD).

Photo of students at UNODC

“I did my internship in South Africa with CIVICUS: The World Alliance for Citizenship Participation. The placement jump-started my career in international development. Shortly after graduating from the MAGG I was hired on as staff. Since then I have represented the organization in over 11 countries, and expanded my professional network immensely. I would not be where I am today without the support I received during my internship.”
—Suhani Bhushan (class of 2015), Sustainable Development Programme Officer, CIVICUS