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The Policy Brief program with GAC is designed to provide students an opportunity to gain mentorship and guidance from senior scholars as they advance their own policy research and writing skills.

Under the program, clusters of three to four students are selected to participate in projects led by BSIA faculty that engage them in both independent and collective research and policy analysis. The program is divided into three phases. The first is the research phase, during which students develop a high degree of substantive expertise on the subject matter of the project. The second phase is the policy brief stage, when students co-author a briefing note that draws on their collective research from the first phase. The third phase is the presentation phase, which includes a day of oral briefings at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa. Students will be given an opportunity to present their briefing notes and the findings of their research to, and receive critical feedback from, policy experts with global experience. Following the presentation in Ottawa, students are invited to revise their briefing notes based on the feedback they received prior to submitting the notes for publication.

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2018 Individual Policy Briefs

Addressing the Globalization Backlash: Good Governance in an Era of Political Instability
Emma Dreher and Emilie Turner
Supervisors: Jasmin Habib and Michael Howard

Canada in a Climate Disrupted World: Building Long-term Capacity in Partner Countries
Jad Hachmi, Masroora Haque and Christian Robertson
Supervisor: Simon Dalby

Groundwater Extinction: The Hidden Global Crisis
Richard Giles and Frederick Varnie
Supervisor: Audra Mitchell

A Strategic Vision for Canadian Leadership in Global Health
Anne Marie Arko and Trina Loken
Supervisor: Karen Grepin

Lost in the Conversion Process: The Effects of Currency Volatility on Canada’s International HIV and AIDS Funding
Danielle Ayora, Harrison Neill and Kerry Solomon
Supervisor: Alan Whiteside

An Urban Perspective on Food Security in the Global South: The Missing Link Between Rural Farmers and Urban Consumers
Michael Chong, Lucy Hinton, Jeremy Wagner and Amy Zavitz
Supervisors: Jonathan Crush, Mary Caesar, Lauren Sneyd and Cameron McCordic

Regulating Recruitment in the Interest of Women Migrant Workers’ Rights: Gender Mainstreaming Recruitment into Migration Governance
Emma Fingler and Stephanie Kowal
Supervisor: Jenna Hennebry

Scaling Up Canada’s Local Immigration Partnership Model for Proactive Refugee Resettlement
Ahmed Mohamoud Elmi, Marina Ghosh and Sasha Oliveira
Supervisor: Margaret Walton-Roberts

Innovative Financing Mechanisms for the “Age of Refugees”: Opportunities for Canadian Leadership
Dani Marcheva, Olivia Matthews and Dominique Souris
Supervisors: Jacqueline Lopour and Andrew Thompson

Toward an Integrated Canadian Peace-building Policy
Zainab Abu Alrob, Maryam Ahmad and Karolina Werner
Supervisor: Timothy Donais

Targeting Radicalization to Violence through Coordination and Cooperation
Ashlee Babcock, Priyanka Bahl, Ousmane Diallo, Kayla Grant and Ameera Mukadame
Supervisor: Alistair Edgar

Revisiting Track Two Diplomacy in the Asia Pacific
Andrew Kay and Keira Koroma
Supervisor: David Welch

Canadian Engagement in Southeast Asia: Non-traditional Security Cooperation in the South China Sea
Morgan Davies, Hanyu Huang and Sebastian Murdoch-Gibson
Supervisor: Kimie Hara

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Harnessing Opportunities for Canada
Michael Fleet
Supervisor: Miriam Mufti

Canadian Trade Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific: The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
Jordan Lebold and Kyle Taylor
Supervisors: Patricia Goff and John Ravenhill

2017 Report

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