Scholarships and Awards

A Committment to Financial Assistance

The majority of students admitted to the programs based at the Balsillie School receive some form of financial assistance. Graduate students at the Balsillie School are eligible for a variety of scholarships. Internally, students are eligible to receive Ph.D.-level fellowships valued at $25,000 and Master’s-level CIGI Graduate Fellowships at $15,000, as well as additional university-based scholarships and funding. Externally, one of the goals of the School is to have all doctoral students receive some form of outside funding at some point in their Ph.D. experience. To assist students, the Ph.D. program conducts a “Grant Writing Seminar” at the beginning of each academic year. Since 2007, students in the Global Governance Ph.D. program have been awarded more than $3.3 million in external support for their research.

Internal Scholarships and Awards for Master's Students

The Andrew and Agnes Siklos Master's in International Public Policy Award

This endowed award was established by Dr. Pierre Siklos in honour of his parents, Andrew and Agnes Siklos. The scholarship is awarded to one full-time graduate student entering the Master's in International Public Policy program through Wilfrid Laurier University on the basis of academic excellence. For more information on this award, please visit the Laurier website or contact Kelly Brown, Program Officer for the MIPP.

The Rotary Peace Award

A scholarship valued at up to $5,000 for 2015/16 will be awarded to a full-time graduate student entering the first year of the Masters of Arts in Global Governance program in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Waterloo on the basis of academic excellence. The recipient must be conducting research that focuses broadly on questions of peace and they must have a demonstrated record of service to the cause of peace.  Applicants will be selected by the Program Directorship following consultation with the admissions committee. This fund is made possible by a donation from the KW Cluster of Rotary Clubs.

University of Waterloo International Experience Awards

Several awards, valued at $2,500 and in some cases more, are available annually to full-time graduate students who participate in an international experience, including a minimally-paid or volunteer international co-op work placement, a volunteer placement, an academic exchange or a study term related to academic requirements. Students in any Faculty, in satisfactory academic standing, who are planning to participate in an international experience are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to students with financial need who will be travelling to an unfamiliar country where they will experience a different culture in a new learning environment. For more information, please see International Experience Awards.

Briarhurst Travel & Research Award

This award for $1,500 will be provided annually to a full-time graduate student registered at the University of Waterloo in Global Governance or Environment and Resource Studies to assist with travel costs associated with conducting research for his/her final dissertation. Selection will be based on academic excellence and on the estimated travel costs associated with the field research. This award is made possible by a donation by Drs. Thomas Homer-Dixon and Sarah Wolfe. For more information on this award, please visit the UW website.

CIGI Graduate Fellowships

The CIGI Graduate Fellowship Program is a fellowship given to talented master’s level students at The Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA) as part of the Master’s in International Public Policy and Master of Arts in Global Governance programs. The program combines a $15,000 three-term scholarship with research and professional development experiences intended to enhance the knowledge and skills of Master’s program students.

Internal Scholarships and Awards for Ph.D. Students

Wilfrid Laurier University (requires at least an 80% average in previous graduate degree)

  • Balsillie Fellowships (valued at $25,000 per year)
  • *New Ph.D. scholarship "Cultural politics of climate change" working with Simon Dalby (valued at $11,000 for three years)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantships
  • Research Assistantships
  • WLU Graduate Scholarships (valued at up to $7,000)
  • Incentive Scholarships (valued at up to $4,500)
  • Laurier Ontario Graduate Fellowships (valued at $8,000)
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies International Student Scholarship (one award per year - variable)
  • Dean of Graduate Studies Ph.D. Dissertation Award (one per year, for research costs - variable)

University of Waterloo (requires at least an 80% average in previous graduate degree):

  • Balsillie Fellowships (valued at $25,000 per year)
  • President's Graduate Scholarship (additional $10,000 to OGS and SSHRC recipients)
  • University of Waterloo Entrance Scholarship ($3,000 and above)
  • Provost's Doctoral Entrance Award for Women ($5,000, one award/year)
  • International Experience Awards ($2,500 and above, one award/experience) 
  • Arts Graduate Enhancement Scholarship (variable)
  • Briarhurst Travel & Research Award ($1,500, one award/year)
  • Limited number of teaching and research assistant positions may also be available

External Scholarships for BSIA Students

* Awards Balsillie School students have won since 2007

For more information on University of Waterloo graduate scholarships and awards, see Graduate Awards & Funding.