By Jacob Dinn

Hello again from Washington D.C.! Since my last blog post I’ve continued to enjoy this amazing internship at the Canadian Embassy. Through attending think tank events and working with my supervisors, I’m learning more about all sorts of foreign policy and defence issues.

In addition to my work, I have been given the opportunity to participate in several great events. I was fortunate to participate in the D.C. pride parade, where I walked with colleagues and held the Canadian flag while high-fiving parade attendees. As we walked along the parade route, we heard shouts of “we love Canada”, “thank you Canada.” The roaring applause made us all proud to be Canadian. I expected the parade to be a great experience, but never expected to feel so proud of my country. While recognizing that more work is needed to advance inclusion in Canadian society, I think it’s important to celebrate the successes and progress we have made as a country. And it’s nice that Canada’s efforts towards greater inclusion are being noticed here in the U.S. Participating in that parade was one of the best moments of my life and I plan on doing it again someday.

Another exciting (and unexpected) event was Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to Washington. This was the first time since 2017 that the Prime Minister visited D.C., and with only a week to prepare, many people had to sideline their daily duties to focus on making the visit successful. I was at my desk when a supervisor asked if my colleague and I would like to help with the visit. “Absolutely”, we said. I didn’t have a particular role, but provided assistance wherever needed. Prior to the visit, I had no idea much work was needed to make a foreign visit successful. The planning, logistics, and teamwork required is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Everyone was so grateful for the help the interns provided that they set up a photo with us and the Prime Minister.

Even though this was my first Canada Day outside the country, I felt at home because of the great music, food, and people I was surrounded by during an event at the Embassy. We gathered for a pancake breakfast, and listened to a folk band from Nova Scotia. I also celebrated the 4th of July for the first time and watched the fireworks from the Embassy terrace – another experience I won’t soon forget.

The experiences I’ve mentioned are only some of several exciting moments for me in D.C. Each day that I walk into the Embassy, I am proud to represent my country and contribute to the important work of advancing Canada’s interests in the U.S. Although my internship will soon end, the experience has been invaluable, both personally and professionally. For the remainder of my placement, I plan to continue enjoying all that Washington and the Embassy have to offer. I look forward to sharing more in my next post – bye for now!