By Jacob Dinn

Hello again from Washington D.C.! I’m wrapping up the last few days of my internship at the Canadian Embassy, and I’m still learning about foreign and defence policy issues while continuing to soak in the excitement of being in Washington. Before offering some concluding thoughts on my internship experience, I’m excited to share one of the best moments of my time in DC: my recent tour of the White House.

When I arrived in May, our internship coordinator floated the idea of a tour of the White House. This was easier said than done: my colleague had to begin arranging the tour in May and we eventually were given a tour date of early August. We were all excited when the date finally arrived. After passing the most intense security checkpoints I’ve ever seen, we entered the East Wing of the White House. I was intrigued to see the French architecture in the building along with the area where the President greets diplomats and hosts state dinners. Secret Service agents were located in each room of the building, both for security purposes and to serve as tour guides. As we walked through the building, the agents told us about important events in U.S. history that had taken place in each of the rooms we toured. The building was much older looking than I expected but I am grateful for the experience and encourage everyone to visit.

Since this is my final blog post, I thought I’d share some remarks on my overall experience of interning at the Embassy. First and foremost, I’m very happy with everything I learned about Canadian foreign and defence policy. There are great people doing excellent work representing Canada in the U.S., and I am very proud to have been part of the team for a short period of time.

And I’ll say it again: Washington is a beautiful city that’s worth visiting. For those who like politics, Washington is a political hub with think tank events and debates to suit everyone’s interests. Even if politics isn’t of interest, there are various historic sites, monuments, and great weather for all to enjoy. I plan on returning to Washington as soon as I can.

For any future BSIA students who may be considering an internship at the Canadian Embassy, I highly recommend the experience. Contributing to Canadian foreign policy while developing personally and professionally makes this internship worthwhile. You’ll make life-long friendships, connections, and you may even meet the Prime Minister! Most importantly, you’ll find a workplace where you’re appreciated and where the Embassy employees will help you learn new skills that will contribute significantly to your professional development. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog, I’ve enjoyed sharing my experience and I’m happy knowing that Canadian interests are being well represented in the U.S.