The Balsillie School community wishes to congratulate faculty member Alison Mountz, producer of the documentary “Safe Haven”, for winning “Best Feature Documentary” at the Central Alberta Film Festival (CAFF) 2020. Directed by Lisa Molomot, an American documentary filmmaker and a former Fulbright Fellow at the Balsillie School, Safe Haven weaves together the powerful stories of U.S. war resisters who sought safe haven in Canada during both the Vietnam and Iraq wars. The film explores the intersection of these two groups, as many Vietnam era resisters participated in a movement to support the younger generation during the Iraq war. Safe Haven shows the reality and the myth of Canada as a welcoming country to those seeking protection.

The CAFF Awards were held October 14-17, 2020 in Red Deer, Alberta. To see the full list of nominees, winners and selected films, please visit the CAFF website.

  • Picture of Alison Mountz

    Dr. Mountz specializes in human migration, with expertise in borders, human smuggling, political asylum, and detention.