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Elizabeth Ford is the Project Manager for the Canadian Network for Research in Terrorism, Security and Society (TSAS). Founded in 2012, and currently nested at the Balsillie School of International Affairs, TSAS supports research, and the dissemination of research, related to the threat of terrorism, security responses to terrorism, and the impact of both terrorism and securitization on Canadian society.

The organization has three primary objectives: (1) to foster communication and collaboration between academic researchers in multiple disciplines on these topics; (2) to facilitate the interaction and collaboration of researchers and policy officials; and (3) to help cultivate a new and larger generation of scholars interested in these fields of study. TSAS is focused on developments in Canada, but with our multiple partners in other countries, we also encourage international collaborations. We are seeking to help create a uniquely Canadian response to terrorism and its social consequences.

Elizabeth has 18 years experience in Project Management, much of her time working in Academic Research environments. She has a BAH in Sociology and Political Studies from Queen’s University and a Masters in Sociology from the University of New Brunswick. Elizabeth joined University of Waterloo in 2017, taking on the Project Manager role at the Canadian Network for Terrorism, Security and Society offices.

  • Project Manager, Canadian Network for Research in Terrorism, Security and Society (TSAS)
  • Office: BSIA 206
  • (226) 772-3126
  • @TSASnetwork

  • www.tsas.ca