Scaling Research Results

Thursday, March 23, 2017, 2:30PM - 5:00PM
Room 1-23

This  workshop will familiarize researchers with knowledge translation, research uptake, and scaling research results to enhance accessibility and transfer.  This workshop attempts to better understand how the scaling of research and innovation can occur in a variety of settings, and are part of a research intended to improve how proven development approaches can be more broadly disseminated and used to create positive impact. 

Using information from the IDRC scaling science study – attendees will examine a selection of other research projects in order to apply and develop skills in the use of the scaling approach. This workshop will also present cases studies from IDRC programs to illustrate success in the area of scaling research results. These case studies will provide concrete examples of largely successful scaling strategies, and relate these experiences to a set of developing scaling principles. 

About the workshop facilitator

Andréanne Martel is a program officer with the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) : Canada's coalition to end global poverty research professional. Prior to this Ms. Martel held a Research Award position with the Policy and Evaluation Division at IDRC working on the scaling research results project. She is the author of numerous academic publications on issues related to reconstruction in Haiti following the earthquake and the governance of natural resources. She has also been a volunteer co-ordinator in West Africa and the Indian Ocean region, as well as conducting research and evaluation within the URD Group (Emergency, Rehabilitation and Development) in France.

This workshop is open to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty from the BSIA, UW and Laurier. Register via email to [email protected].

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