CIGI Chairs

In addition to their faculty work, CIGI Chairs contribute to the intellectual life of the BSIA, participate in collaborative research activities, and engage in public outreach to promote broader understanding of global issues. These positions are funded in part or in whole through CIGI.

Alison Blay-Palmer

CIGI Chair in Sustainable Food Systems, Associate Professor
Dr. Blay-Palmer is the founding Director for the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, Director of the Viessmann European Research Centre and an Associate Professor in Geography and Environmental Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University.

James Blight

CIGI Chair in Foreign Policy Development, Professor at BSIA
CIGI Chair in Foreign Policy Development and Professor at the BSIA, Dr. Blight is an expert in oral history and helped to make the documentary The Fog of War.

Jonathan Crush

CIGI Chair in Global Migration and Development, Professor
An expert on human security, Dr. Crush is a major contributor to global debates on the need for development-friendly governance of migrant movements.

Simon Dalby

Associate Director of the PhD Program in Global Governance, CIGI Chair in the Political Economy of Climate Change, Professor
Dr. Dalby is an author and researcher of climate change, political ecology, geopolitics, global security, militarization and the spatial dimensions of governance.

Paul Freston

CIGI Chair in Religion and Politics in Global Context, Professor
Specializing in religion and politics, Dr. Freston has a special interest in creating opportunities for scholars from the Global South.

Thomas Homer-Dixon

CIGI Chair of Global Systems, Professor
A renowned global security expert, Dr. Homer-Dixon's research examines how societies adapt to economic, ecological, and technological change.

Sue Horton

CIGI Chair in Global Health Economics
Dr. Horton has extensive experience in developing countries and has consulted for the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and several UN agencies.

Rianne Mahon

CIGI Chair in Comparative Social Policy and Global Social Governance, Professor
Dr. Mahon's research focuses on gender and global governance.

Audra Mitchell

CIGI Chair in Global Governance and Ethics, Associate Professor
Dr. Mitchell's research seeks to transform global ethics to respond to emerging ecological and/or technological challenges, including mass extinction, climate change and space colonization.

David Welch

CIGI Chair of Global Security, Professor and CIGI Senior Fellow
Specializing in international relations and international security Dr. Welch is an award-winning teacher and author as well as director of the CIGI’s project on Confidence, Trust, and Empathy in Asia-Pacific Security.

Alan Whiteside

CIGI Chair in Global Health Policy, Professor
Dr. Whiteside’s current research program focuses on interrelated areas of global health concerns. These include: shifting burdens of disease, immigrant and migrant health, and the economic and social causes and consequences of HIV and AIDS.