Graeme Young

Graeme Young is a postdoctoral fellow at the Balsillie School and a Visiting Researcher at the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town, where he is serving as a Queen Elizabeth Scholar as part of the Hungry Cities Partnership. His research focuses on the politics of informal economic activity and explores how political processes, economic institutions, legal and regulatory systems, and urban development projects shape informality in cities in the Global South, and how the urban poor experience and respond to state power as they engage in the informal economy as a means of livelihood support. He has also conducted research on the role of informal economic activity in peacebuilding processes, local resistance to peacebuilding, the decline of Canada’s participation in UN peacekeeping operations, the political economy of peace in South Sudan and transitional justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Graeme completed his PhD in Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge in 2018. Prior to his arrival at the Balsillie School, he served as a Scholar in Residence at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at the New York University School of Law.



  • Graeme Young. 2019. “Political Decision-Making and the Decline of Canadian Peacekeeping.” Canadian Foreign Policy Journal (available online; full citation forthcoming).
  • Graeme Young. 2018. “De-Democratisation and the Rights of Street Vendors in Kampala, Uganda.” The International Journal of Human Rights 22 (8): 1007-1029.
  • Graeme Young. 2017. “From Protection to Repression: The Politics of Street Vending in Kampala.” Journal of Eastern African Studies 11 (4): 714-733.
  • Graeme Young. 2015. “Conceptualizing Resistance in Post-Conflict Environments.” International Peacekeeping 22 (2): 169-185.

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