Haily McKenzie

Haily McKenzie received a Bachelor of Global Studies [Honors] with a research specialization, and double minor in History and French from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University in 2020. Haily also received a diploma in early childhood education in 2012, which led her to work for the Waterloo Region District School Board as an Early Childhood Educator for the last seven years whilst completing her undergraduate degree.

The nature of her professional experience and undergraduate degree have contributed to Haily’s research interests, which include: women’s rights, Indigenous rights, human security issues, migration, and education. Given her minor in History, Haily is also interested in the history of these topics as well as how current issues are routed within historical contexts.

During her Master’s program, Haily will be specializing in human security and global governance.

Academic / Professional Awards

  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s Graduate Scholarship, 2020-2021
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s Dean List, 2017-2018, 2019-2020
  • Minor Degree in History, Sir Wilfrid Laurier University, 2020
  • Minor Degree in French, Sir Wilfrid Laurier University, 2020
  • Bachelor in Global Studies (Honors), Research Specialization, Sir Wilfrid Laurier University, 2020
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Conestoga College, 2012
Conflict and Security
Multilateral Institutions

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