Indra Noyes

Indra Noyes is a PhD candidate in the Global Governance program at the Balsille School for International Affairs. She is interested in food systems and sustainable agriculture. Her research focuses on the flow of information between farmers, scientists, and policy makers to build an understanding of the policy and social structures that enable climate responsive agricultural practices in Southern Africa.
Indra earned her Master of Education degree from Trent University with a thesis on knowledge exchange networks amongst Ontario farmers. Her Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto is in Food Systems and Psychology. Alongside her academic career Indra has worked in a variety of food access social service organizations in Ontario and internationally.

Academic / Professional Awards

  • Balsille Doctoral Fellowship, 2019
  • Provost Doctoral Entrance Award for Women, 2019
  • Douglas Pimlott Graduating Scholarship, 2011
  • Master of Education, Trent University, 2018
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto, 2011
Environment and Resources

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