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Jalil Benish completed his undergraduate degree in social science (social research). He has experience of working with a number of prestigious national and international organizations in a senior management level. He worked as director of an Afghan Think-Tank named Afghanistan Watch from 2008 to 2015 and Co-chair of Civil Society Advisory Committee (CSAC) of United Nation Development Program (UNDP) during 2014 and 2015.

Select Publications

  • Jalil, Benish, “Mining and Conflicts in Baghlan.” Rockefeller Brothers Foundation and Afghanistan Watch, 10/2014.
  • Jalil, Benish “Cure or Curse? Implications of the Kilij Mine Closure for Bamyan’s security Situation.” Afghanistan Watch and Afghanistan Analysts Network, 03/2014.
  • Jalil,Benish “Blood Diamond; Afghanistan Natural Resources and the Lessons Learnt from Zimbabwe.” Afghanistan Watch and Heinrich Boll Stifung, 06/2013.
  • Jalil, Benish “Impunity and Instability: an unbroken Cycle.” Middle East Institute, 04/2012.
  • Jalil, Benish & Ali Payam “Charting a Course for a Sustainable Peace: Linking Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Afghanistan.” Afghanistan Watch, 05/2010.
  • Jalil,Benish & Ali Amiri “The First Experience: Voting Patterns and Political Alignments in Parliament 2005-2010.” Afghanistan Watch, 09/2010.
  • Jalil, Benish “Between Impunity And Accountability; A comparative overview of transitional justice processes in two post-Conflict South Asian Countries: Nepal and Afghanistan.” Afghanistan Watch,08/2008.
  • Jalil, Benish “Transitional justice in Afghanistan; end or new beginning? An Analysis on the Implications of Transitional Justice on Afghanistan’s Passage towards Stability.” Salsal Foundation, 07/2007.

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