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Jennifer Liu is Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology and the School of Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo. She received her PhD in 2008 from the UC Berkeley – UC San Francisco joint program in Medical Anthropology.

She works at the intersection of Science Studies and Medical Anthropology. Her current work focuses on emerging biomedical technologies, especially stem cell research and genomics, and questions of governance, ethics, and transnational circulations of science, scientists, and related cultural forms and meanings. Focused in Taiwan and California, this work examines the relationships between medicine, science, and issues of identity, bioethics, and democratic publics. She has also worked on several projects related to HIV/AIDS and maintains an active program on issues of health equity.

Science and Health Policy


  • 2012. Enumeration, Identity and Health,. Aboriginal Fractions: enumerating identity in Taiwan Theme issue 31(4):329-346.
  • 2012. Science and Nationalism in East Asia. Asian Regeneration? Technohybridity in Taiwan’s biotech Theme issue (East Asian Science Tech and Society) 6(3): 401-14.
  • D. Gardner. 2012. Global Bioethics: Hopes fears and new voices Fall: 77-87.
  • 2011. Biological scarcity: looking beyond regulatory exteriors in Taiwan Theme Issue “Stem Cell Research in Asia: Looking Beyond Regulatory Exteriors (Part 2) 30(3):253-265.
  • 2010. Making Taiwanese (stem cells): identity, genetics, and purity.. In Eds Aihwa Ong and Nancy Chen Durham: Duke University Press Pp 239-262.

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