Photo of Jeremy Loshak

Jeremy Loshak completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in Political Science with Honours. He specialized in political theory where his interest was focused in classical theory. As a result of the grounding of his specialization, Jeremy developed strong research interests in analytical psychology through the study of theorists such as, Rousseau, Tocqueville, Nietzsche and Jung.

While at BSIA, Jeremy plans to continue researching ways of improving social capital in a globalized environment. He intends to focus his research on how policy can improve community mental health and guarantee basic aspects of human security. Working in collaboration with his colleagues, Jeremy hopes to contribute ways in which the above concepts can advance sustainable economic and social development.

Academic / Professional Awards

  • Marion and Ross Woodman Award OSOTF II, 2016
  • Honours B.A. in Political Science Specialist, University of Toronto, 2016

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