Picture of JingJing Huo

Dr. Huo earned his PhD from the University of North Carolina in 2006. His primary research interest is in the political economy of institutions and incentives, covering topics such as the electoral logic of redistributive policy, role of the public sector, and socio-political coordination among businesses.


  • Hui Feng and Jingjing Huo. 2010. The Political Economy of Technological Innovation and Employment. 43(3) pp 329-52.
  • 2009. The Role of Inter-firm Networks in Technological Innovation and Education. 42(5) pp 587-610.
  • Huo, Jingjing, Nelson, Moira, and John D. Stephens. 2008. Social Democracy and the Labour Market: Activation or Decommodification?. 18(1) pp 5-20.
  • Hooghe, Liesbet, Huo, Jingjing, and Gary Marks. 2007. Does Occupation Shape Attitudes on Europe? Benchmarking Operationalizations.. 42 pp 329-51.
  • 2006. Comparing Welfare States in Australia and Canada: A Party Competition Theory of Welfare State Development.. 44(2) pp 167-89.
  • Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • University of Waterloo

  • Office: HH 349 (UW)

  • (519) 888-4567 | Ext. 38396 (UW)

Global Political Economy / Waterloo Political Economy Group (WatPEG)
  • Ph.D., Political Science, University of North Carolina, 2009
  • M.S., Journalism, Ohio University, 2001
  • B.A., English, Xian Foreign Language University, 2000

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