Kaitlyn Berriman

Kaitlyn Berriman holds an Honours Bachelor’s Degree of Social Science in International Studies and Modern Languages from the University of Ottawa. She graduated in 2018 with honours after having participated in the French Immersion stream and choosing Spanish as her modern language of focus. In 2019 Kaitlyn completed a Certificate in Common Law from the University of Ottawa in order to complement and augment her understanding of various topics of international affairs from a legal perspective.

During her degree Kaitlyn got involved in the community by volunteering at the local food bank, the local elementary school tutoring English, and a Boys and Girls club venture to provide books to kids. She also volunteered at the University of Ottawa’s Human Rights Research and Education Centre helping to organize a symposium, write a report on law and transitional justice in Mali for Lawyers Without Borders, and working on various other projects.

Throughout her undergrad, Kaitlyn explored topics relating to international affairs, peace, conflict and transitional justice, international law, and social justice and human rights. While spending a semester abroad in Madrid, Spain in her third year, Kaitlyn was exposed to Spanish and European perspectives on international affairs and broadened her understanding of regional cultures. As she developed a passion for understanding the forces that drive today’s global issues and searched for avenues of improvement Kaitlyn developed expertise on these issues focusing, in particular, on the regions of Latin America and Africa.

At the Balsillie School Kaitlyn will be focusing on the research fields of Multilateral Institutions and Diplomacy, Global Justice and Human Rights, and Conflict and Security. While at the University of Waterloo, Kaitlyn will focus her studies and research on evaluating and improving people’s security through the protection and promotion of human rights and social justice. She would like to re-evaluate how human rights are protected, what enforcement there is, and how social justice can be better ensured through the cooperation of all sectors of global governance. She will examine multidisciplinary solutions that take into account the law and legal system, society, politics, and practical applications. Her goals include improving global infrastructure, governance, and state accountability to reduce poverty, violence, resource scarcity and improve social services. Overall, she is interested in how international organizations, NGOs, and governments can work together to further the provision of human rights, and combat these issues through diplomacy and various models of governance.

Academic / Professional Awards

  • Global Governance Fellowship, 2020
  • Graduated Honours BASOC, Cum Laude 2018
  • Certificate in Law, University of Ottawa, 2018-2019
  • Honours Bachelor in Social Science International Studies and Modern Languages, Cum Laude – French Immersion, University of Ottawa, 2014-2018
Conflict and Security
Multilateral Institutions

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