Photo of Kevin Brink

Kevin Brink earned a Bachelor of Arts in Honours Political Science with minors in Economics and International Studies at the University of Waterloo in 2016. He developed strong research focuses on the unique positions of both small island states and far-north Indigenous peoples in global environmental governance, having written a number of papers exploring each topic differently throughout his undergrad. He also picked up an interest in international comparative politics and understanding the intricacies and patterns of how different countries organize themselves currently and historically.

During his time in the MIPP program at the BSIA, Kevin hopes to develop new expertise in the confluence of environmental public policy and diplomacy, specifically to learn how traditionally weak voices in the world system can amplify their message to be heard effectively on the world stage, particularly with respect to global environmental governance. After his time with the BSIA, Kevin plans to join the public service and use his gained expertise to effect positive change with the people who traditionally are not heard.

Academic / Professional Awards

  • Laurier Graduate Scholarship
Environment and Resources
Migration, Mobilities, and Social Politics
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Waterloo, 2011–2016

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