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Kim Rygiel is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Wilfrid Laurier University and the Balsillie School of International Affairs and is the Associate Director and research associate with Laurier’s International Migration Research Centre (IMRC). Her research focuses on border security, migration and citizenship politics within North America and in Europe.

She is the author of Globalizing Citizenship (UBC Press, 2010), co-winner of the 2011 ENMISA Distinguished Book Award of the International Studies Association and is co-editor, with Peter Nyers, of Citizenship, Migrant Activism and the Politics of Movement (Routledge 2012) and, with Krista Hunt, of (En)Gendering the War on Terror: War Stories and Camouflaged Politics (Ashgate, 2006).  She is the author of several book chapters and journal articles, which are published in Citizenship Studies, Review of Constitutional Studies, European Journal of Social Theory and International Political Sociology. Professor Rygiel is Associate Editor of Citizenship Studies.

Professor Rygiel’s current research projects include two SSHRC funded projects:

The first “Living with others: Fostering cultural pluralism through citizenship politics,” investigates why, how and under what conditions some communities are more open to cultural difference than others; what types of projects facilitate openness to newcomers and how do citizens and non-citizens participate in these projects in ways that transform understandings of citizenship and belonging (conducted with Feyzi Baban, Trent University and collaborator Fuat Keyman, Sabanci University).

The second project,  “Humanitarian Aid, Citizenship Politics, and the Governance of Syrian Refugees in Turkey,” investigates the nature of humanitarian aid responses to emergencies involving Syrian refugees in Turkey (conducted with Suzan Ilcan, University of Waterloo and Feyzi Baban, Trent University). She is also working on a co-authored book with S. Ilcan and F. Baban on this research (forthcoming, McGill-Queen’s University Press).

Academic / Professional Awards

  • ENMISA Distinguished Book Award of the International Studies Association for Globalizing Citizenship (UBC 2010). Awarded by the Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration section of the International Studies Association. Short listed for the Canadian Political Science Association Prize in International Relations (2011)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Awards:
    • SSHRC Insight Grant (2015-2020, PI): Living with others: Fostering cultural pluralism through citizenship politics.”
    • SSHRC Insight Grant (2015-2019, CI): “Humanitarian Aid, Citizenship Politics, and the Governance of Syrian Refugees in Turkey”
    • “Standard Research Grant (2011-2014, PI): “Geographies of Exclusion: Re-thinking Citizenship from the Margins”
  • Wilfrid Laurier University Merit Awards (2017, 2015, 2014, 2011)

Select Publications

  • Baban, F. and K. Rygiel. “Living with others: Fostering radical cosmopolitanism through citizenship politics in Berlin.” Ethics & Global Politics. (forthcoming).
  • Ilcan, S., K. Rygiel and F. Baban. “The Ambiguous Architecture of Precarity: Temporary Protection, Everyday Living, and Migrant Journeys of Syrian Refugees.” International Journal of Migration and Border Studies. (forthcoming).
  • Ataç, I., K. Rygiel and M. Stierl. 2016. “Introduction: the contentious politics of refugee and migrant protest and solidarity movements: remaking citizenship from the margins.” Citizenship Studies 20 (10): 1-18.
  • Kitchen, V and K. Rygiel. 2015. “Integrated security networks: Less not more Accountability.” The State on Trial: The Policing of Protests during the G20 Summit, edited by  M. Beare, N. Des Rosiers and A. Deshman. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.
  • Rygiel, K. and M. Walton-Roberts. 2015. “Multiple Citizenships and Slippery Statecraft.” The Human Right to Citizenship: A Slippery Concept, edited by R. E. Howard-Hassmann and M. Walton-Roberts. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.
  • Rygiel, K. 2014. “In Life Through Death: Transgressive Citizenship at the Border.” In Routledge Handbook of Global Citizenship Studies, edited by E. Isin and P. Nyers, 62-72. New York and London: Routledge.
  • Rygiel, K. 2010. Globalizing Citizenship. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.
  • Nyers, P. and K. Rygiel, eds. 2012. Citizenship, Migrant Activism, and the Politics of Movement. Routledge. (Paperback edition released May 2014).
  • Hunt, K. and K. Rygiel, eds. 2006, 2007. (En)Gendering the War on Terror: War Stories and Camouflaged Politics.  Aldershot: Ashgate Press.
Publication List
  • Associate Director, International Migration Research Centre
    Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Wilfrid Laurier University

  • Office: DAWB 4-126 (Laurier) | BSIA 2-42 (IMRC)
  • (519) 884-0710 | Ext. 2032 (Laurier)

Conflict and Security
Migration, Mobilities, and Social Politics
Multilateral Institutions
  • PhD., York University, 2006
  • M.A., Carleton University, 1996
  • B.A., McGill University, 1992

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