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Kimie Hara is a Professor and the Renison Research Professor in East Asian Studies at Renison University College, University of Waterloo. She specializes in modern and contemporary international relations of the Asia-Pacific region, border studies, Cold War history, and Japanese politics and diplomacy.

She supervises graduate students in the areas of East Asian Studies, International Relations, History, and Political Science.

Her (authored/edited) books include San Francisco System and Its Legacies: Continuation, Transformation and Historical Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific (2015), China-Japan Border Disputes: Islands of Contention in Multidisciplinary Perspective (2015, with Tim Liao, Krista Wiegand), East Asia-Arctic Relations: Boundary, Security, and International Politics (2014, with Ken Coates), Northern Territories, Asia-Pacific Regional Conflicts and the Åland Experience: Untying the Kurillian Knot (2009, with Geoffrey Jukes), ”Zaigai” nihonjin kenkyusha ga mita nihon gaiko (2009, in Japanese), Cold War Frontiers in the Asia-Pacific: Divided Territories in the San Francisco System (2007, 2012), Sanfuranshisuko heiwajoyaku no moten (2005, 2012, in Japanese), and Japanese-Soviet/Russian Relations since 1945: A Difficult Peace (1998). She also authored many book chapters, journal articles and other publications.

Her research projects have been funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Centre for International Governance Innovation, University of Waterloo, Killam Foundation (Canada); the Social Science Research Council, the East-West Center, Freeman Fellowship (United States); the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, the Japan Foundation, the Matsushita International Foundation (Japan); and the Northeast Asian History Foundation (Republic of Korea).

She is a management team member of the Japan Futures Initiative (JFI), and held visiting Fellowships/Professorships at International Institute for Asian Studies/University of Amsterdam, Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales, East-West Center, Kyoto University, Kyoto Sangyo University, University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Stockholm University, and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Science.

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