Laura Higgins

Laura Higgins holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations (Co-op) from Carleton University. Her academic background has focused on a combination of Canadian foreign and defence policy studies and the examining of political situations in different regions of the world.

During her undergrad, Laura had the opportunity to complete multiple work terms with various federal government departments. These positions spanned policy and communications. Laura was most recently working with Treasury Board Secretariat, Public Services Procurement Canada, and Justice Canada. Given the diverse mandates across the departments Laura has worked with, she has had the opportunity to engage in various domestic and international issues, including national security, social programs, and Canada’s environmental commitments. Looking forward, Laura hopes to continue applying what she learns in the classroom to her professional experiences in the field of international affairs.

Through her graduate studies, Laura is interested in further examining issues of human security in our current state of world affairs. She wants to investigate both the conditions that may have led to the existing insecurities people face as well as analyze the conduct of the states’ and their people when they are most vulnerable. One element Laura would like to consider more in depth is the effects of the rising frequency of extreme weather on domestic and international relations. She would like to consider the impacts of emergency responses on both inter-state relations as well as its influences on Canadian defence and security policies.
Growing up on her family farm in mid-western Ontario, Laura has been involved in her agricultural community over the years as a member of local 4-H clubs. Therefore, as she approaches her studies, Laura seeks to blend her familiarity with agriculture into her understanding and analysis of the conditions of human security in Canada and abroad.

Academic / Professional Awards

  • Global Affairs Fellowship, 2019
  • Deans’ Honour List, 2018
  • Robertson Award, 2016
  • Deans’ Honour List, 2014
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours, Political Science with Distinction Concentration in International Relations, Co-op, Carleton University, 2018
Conflict and Security
Environment and Resources

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