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Lauren Sneyd is a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow conducting research on food security, dietary adequacy and urban development challenges in Africa, specifically in Cameroon in Central Africa. As a multidisciplinary researcher Lauren draws on geographical insights, anthropological methods and development theories and concepts to inform answers to her research questions. She is particularly interested in learning more about the intersection of big food retailing, wild foods, informal markets and sustainable development.

Prior to joining the Balsillie School, Lauren was a visiting Assistant Professor with the Development Studies Program and the Coady International Institute at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Guelph in Geography and International Development Studies, a Master’s in International Development Studies from the University of Auckland, New Zealand and a Master’s in Social Anthropology from Dalhousie University.

Academic/Professional Awards

  • SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (2016-18)
  • SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship (2012–14)
  • Hot Paper by Canadian Geographers: Sneyd, Lauren Q., Alexander Legwegoh and Evan D.G. Fraser (2013) “Food Riots: Media Perspectives on the Causes of Food Protest in Africa”. Food Security. 5(4): 485-497. Canadian Association of Geographers. (2013)
  • Dean’s Tri-Council Scholarship Award, University of Guelph (2012-13)
  • SSHRC Insight Development Grant co-authored with Dr. Evan Fraser CRC, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario. (2012)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2010-11)
  • Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship (2008)


  • Sneyd, Lauren. 2017. “’We eat what we have, not what we want’: The policy effects of food riots and eating after the 2008 crisis in Cameroon“. In Food Riots, Food Rights and the Politics of Provisions, edited by Naomi Hossain and Patta Scott-Villiers. Routledge.
  • Sneyd, Lauren. 2016. “Wild Food Consumption and Urban Food Security”. In Rapid Urbanisation, Urban Food Deserts and Food Security in Africa, edited by Jonathan Crush and Jane Battersby. Springer.
  • Sneyd, Lauren. 2016. “A Missed Opportunity for Research and Development Interventions: Gender and the Wild Food Trade in Urban Cameroon”. In Transforming Gender and Food Security in the Global South, edited by Jemimah Njuki, John Parkins and Amy Kaler. EarthScan /Routledge/ IDRC.
  • Fraser, Evan D. G. and Alexander F. Legwegoh, Michael CoDyre, Goretty Dias, Shelley Hazen, Rylea Johnson, Krishna KC, Ralph C. Martin, Lisa Ohberg, Sri Sethuratnam, Lauren Sneyd, John Smithers, Hannah Wittman, Rene Van Acker, Jennifer Vansteenkiste. 2016. “Biotechnology or organic? Extensive or intensive? Global or local? A critical review of potential pathways to resolve the global food crisis.” Trends in Food Science and Technology. 48: 78-87.
  • Sneyd, Adam and Alexander Legwegoh, Lauren Sneyd. 2015. “Food Security Perspectives in Central Africa.” Journal of Contemporary African Studies. 33 (1): 1-21.
  • Sneyd, Lauren. 2015. “Zoning in: The contributions of buyam–sellams to constructing Cameroon’s wild food zone.” Geoforum. 59: 73-86.
  • Sneyd, Lauren. 2013. “Wild Food, Prices, Diets and Development: Sustainability and Food Security in Urban Cameroon.” Sustainability. 5(11): 4728–4759.
  • Sneyd, Lauren Q. and Alexander Legwegoh, Evan D.G. Fraser. 2013. “Food Riots: Media Perspectives on the Causes of Food Protest in Africa.” Food Security. 5(4): 485–497.

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