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Matt Gaudreau completed his MA at the University of Ottawa, examining the role of NGOs in producing and sharing ecological information in China. Using a mixed methods approach (including interviews, surveys and network analysis) he demonstrated the limits and opportunities for NGO participation in governance activities. He has previously studied at Nanjing University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Kentucky (network analysis workshop), and Beijing University.

His doctoral research focuses on China’s food security policy and its implication for global food and environmental governance. Given China’s intensive domestic food production, increasing range of consumer tastes, and widespread issues regarding food safety, actors from China are increasingly sourcing food from outside countries. What are the implications for food production systems? For recipient countries of direct investment?

Methodologically, Matt is exploring the use of network analysis in international political economy research, an approach that has recently been gaining traction.

  • MA Globalization and International Development, University of Ottawa, 2013 (with distinction)
  • BSoc.Sc. International Economics and Development, University of Ottawa, 2010 (Magna Cum Laude)
  • BSoc.Sc. International Development and Globalization, University of Ottawa, 2009

Academic / Professional Awards

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2013/14
  • Balsillie Doctoral Fellowship, 2013
  • University of Ottawa Faculty of Arts Chinese Language Award, 2012
  • Ontario-Jiangsu Student Exchange Scholarship, 2011
  • Faculty of Social Sciences Plaque for Achievement in International Economics and Development, 2010


  • 2012. The ‘double pollution’ of Development: Land Contamination in China.. Vancouver: University of British Columbia [Online].
  • 2012. Civil Society, Adaptive Governance, and Environmental Sustainability in Nanjing.. International Conference of the Regional Studies Association.
  • 2011. Fisheries Transitions in Vietnam: A Path Towards (un)Sustainability?. With Schut L and Wilkings A -2014 SSHRC PI Melissa Marschke Working Paper Number 1 2012 [Online].
  • 2010. Development Cooperation in an Era of Chinese Involvement: The Case of Rice in Mali.. Canadian Asian Studies Association Annual Conference Ottawa 2010.
  • Data Inputs & Research Outputs: Social Network Analysis as a Tool in Sampling and Dissemination Strategies.

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