Micah Winter

In 2019, Micah Winter received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Honours Political Science (with a minor in French) from the University of Guelph. Her third year was spent studying at Université Lumière (Lyon II), France.

For her undergraduate research paper, Micah undertook a comparative analysis of the cases of secession and non-secession in Sudan/South Sudan and Nigeria. This comparative nature continues with Micah’s current research with the MAGG program. Here she will analyze and compare Indigenous-Crown cooperative management arrangements across National Parks in Canada. This research topic will be approached through historical, political, environmental and social perspectives and operationalized through the lens of the United Nations’ Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Micah’s research interests are diverse, yet are centred around global and domestic Indigenous politics, environmental politics, conflict, and identity.

During her undergraduate degree, Micah was a peer contact for the political science department, facilitated elementary school groups with Big Brothers and Sisters, worked in Admissions as well as Hospitality Services, and volunteered with numerous graduate studies. For her summers, she worked for the Public Service (Canadian Heritage and Parks Canada), learning and sharing information on contemporary Canada and its history. When she is not engaged in her studies, Micah loves paddling in Northern Ontario and climbing mountains in the Canadian Rockies.

Academic / Professional Awards

  • Global Governance Fellowship, 2019
  • Graduate Entrance Scholarship, 2019
  • Deans Honours List, 2016-2019
  • ORA Scholar, 2017-2018
  • Lyres Alumni Scholarship, 2015
  • Bachelor of Arts – Political Science-French, University of Guelph, 2019
Conflict and Security
Environment and Resources
Migration, Mobilities, and Social Politics

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